DolomythsRun Sellaronda Ultra & Half Trail Release
Saturday, 13 July 2019

DoloMyths Run Sellaronda Ultra Trail:

- Distribution of the Ultra Trail bibs (deposit of 20,00 € at the collection) ONLY in Colfosco at the Ciasa Tita Alton
- Technical briefing for the Ultra Trail participants only in Colfosco at 6.30 p.m. at the Ciasa Tita Alton
- Start: Colfosco Church Square at 5.00 am. / Finish: Colfosco Church Square at 6.00 pm.
Final maximum time to finish the DMR Sellaronda Ultra Trail: 13 hours. Athletes exceeding the above enlisted time limits will be excluded from the race:
3 hours from the start to Arabba - at 8,00 a.m. closing of the gate;
7 hours from the start to Canazei - at 12,00 a.m. closing of the gate;
10 hours from the start to Selva - at 15,00 a.m. closing of the gate;
13 hours from the start to Colfosco - at 18,00 end of the race;

DoloMyths Run Sellaronda Half Trail:
- Distribution of the Half Trail bibs (deposit of 20,00 € at the collection) ONLY in Canazei in the Town Hall
- Technical information for the athletes will be provided during the opening in the Canazei main square at 8.45 pm.
- Start: Canazei - Piaz Marconi at 9.00 / Finish: Colfosco – Church Square
- Final maximum time to finish the DMR Sellaronda Half Trail: 8 hours. Athletes exceeding the above mentioned time limit:
4 ore dalla partenza a Selva Valgardena - will be excluded from the race.

>DoloMyths Run Sellaronda ULTRA & HALF Trail

- The racetrack will be signalled by special flags. Members of the staff will be present to help in case of need and for checking all along the racetrack.
Compulsory equipment:
– A water supply of at least ½ liter
– A survival blanket
– A whistle
– A first-aid kit
– Some food (energetic bars or energy gels)
– A wind-breaker and waterproof jacket
– Long running trousers
– Gloves and a hat;
– Water bottle or camel-bag or folding water cup
– A mobile telephone
Non-compulsory equipment:
- poles;
- a change of clothes
- solar protection lotion
- vaseline or anti-grazing cream.
- The bib number, not to be modified, folded or cut for whatever reason, must always be visible (the small one on the chest and on the legs, the biggest one on the rucksack).
- Athletes who, for whaterever reason, withdraw from the race must communicate their withdrawal to the nearest checking-point then go down to valley (checking points in town) to take the bus shuttle to get back to the start/finish area.
- A sag service will always follow the last runner.- - Refreshment points will be placed on the top of the passes and in the towns down in valley with drinkings and food to be consumed in the delimited area. No plastic glasses will be available at the refreshment points. Athletes can refill their water bottles/camel-bags with water and salts at any refreshment points where apposite waste bins will be placed to collect rubbish so not to pollute environment.
- Each athlete must carry with himself what needed to be self-sufficient in the racetrack parts not covered by refreshment service. Any external assistance, provided by people not registered in the race, all along the track or even in short parts of it is absolutely forbidden
In case of emergency athletes can call staff members at the following phone numbers:
Val Badia: Tschaffert Ivan +39 340 3193258
Arabba: Soratroi Giampaolo +39 338 7226123
Val di Fassa: Ivano Ploner +39 338 4347375
Val Gardena: Mussner Josef +39 339 8427529
Each athlete must have a mobile phone on with her/him to be called at any time by the organization in case of need.
- Three are the crossings of state roads in Arabba, Selva Val Gardena and in Colfosco. Policemen or staff members will help athletes in crossing roads.
- Shower service at the finish. Half Trail runners who need to have a change of clothes clothes in Colfosco can leave a small backpack or a bag (with only a change of clothes - please do not leave values or documents inside as the Organization will not be held responsible of any loss or theft) at the Canazei race office within 8.00 am for the transportation to the finish in Colfosco.
- At the prize-giving ceremony, scheduled at 6.30 p.m., all the athletes who have completed the race and who are present at the ceremony will take part to the raffle of prizes gently provided by the main sponsors and the Organizing Committee.
For information or any other need ask the race office