Davide Magnini puts everyone in line in Canazei
Female Judith Wyder breaks the record

The twenty-second "Dolo Myths Run Skyrace" of the Val di Fassa will be remembered in the annals, because several records were broken, but not the absolute male one. In the Gold Book of the challenge included in the Golden Trail World Series; Davide Magnini, the twenty-one-year-old “trentino” from Vermiglio, who becomes the youngest winner of the history of this competition and the Swiss Judith Wyder, able to break the feminine supremacy and to achieve an exceptional downhill performance are imposed wehemently. Four out of six primates have therefore been crushed: all the female ones (best time uphill, downhill and absolute) and the fastest performance ‘till the Piz Boè by the male winner. Two new protagonists, therefore, for the event that closed the Canazei and Ladin Valleys high altitude running festival, with Magnini attacking from the start and soloing the whole race and Wyder the author of an amazing comeback downhill, which took her to the top step of the podium, both racing for Team Salomon. On the podium together with Magnini, who completed the 22 km route with 3,500 meters of elevation with the time of 2h0028” (just 17 seconds slower than Kilian Jornet I Burgada in 2013) , we find Nadir Maguet from Val d’Aosta of Team La Sportiva and the surprising Moroccan Elhousine Elazzaoui of Team Tornado, finishing together after 2'54". Fourth place with 2’36” of delay for the Spanish Jan Margarit Sole, then at 2’47" the Polish Bart Przedwojewski, at 3'48" the Norwegian Stian Angermund Vik, at 4’32” the English Finlay Wild and at 4’35" the Peruvian Quispe Mallma who in the first downhill section had taken the wrong path.The Swiss woman from Bern Judith Wyder ended her fatigue with the amazing time of 2h18’51 ”, 7 minutes and 6 seconds faster than the American Megan Kimmel in 2015. Both the 2nd and 3rd classified beat the previous record , the New Zealander Ruth Charlotte Croft (3'04 ”from the winner) and the Swiss Maude Mathys (at 3’16 ”), who gained a place in history as she passed first at the top of Piz Boè with a time of 1h25’41 ”, 3’49” better than what was established in 2015 by the Spanish Laura Orguè, this year absent. Fourth at 12:12 the French Elise Poncet, then the first of the Italians, Elisa Desco from Bormio who accused a delay of 13’09”. Follow the other French Anais Sabriè and the Italian Silvia Rampazzo from Venezia at 17'52 ". An edition to be remembered for the «DoloMyths Run», which for two seasons has presented itself with a new format, and saw a thousand entries in the competition representing 45 nations, a result that is the envy of many World Championships of this Speciality.

Interviews with winners
Davide Magnini: «It was great to get to the square in Canazei with raised arms between two wings of jubilant public. These emotions are difficult to describe, I have dreamed of living them since I finished second two years ago. This is a mythical race and winning it has a very special flavor, if I think about to the fact that I also won the Vertical on Friday the joy becomes even bigger». What tactic have you adopted? "I played my cards uphill, trying to gain some advantage, which I managed to keep until the end. On this parcour you can never be sure to success until you don't get to the bottom, because the descent can make the difference: the first part after the Piz Boè is more technical and in the second one you have to give everything without saving yourself ». Judith Wider: «I knew I had to race with very strong opponents, - explains the Swiss - that’s why I decided to save some of the energies uphill and then play all my cards in the downhill, where I know I can be strong. So I gave everything in the second part, to the point that I also fixed the new record. A memorable day in a tough race, but one that can also give great emotions thanks to the natural landscape».