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DoloMyths Run SkyRace 2021

The competition is open to Italian and foreign runners who possess an updated medical certificate for agonistic athletics, released by a sports doctor. The certificate must be valid by the date of the race. Runners must be at least 18 years old.


The event is affiliated with F.I.Sky (Italian Skyrunning Federation). To take part to the event athletes must posses a medical certificate for agonistic sports with high cardiovascular commitment issued by a Sports Medicine Center (category B) and valid on the day of the race.

Foreign athletes can take part in the competition by stipulating the daily membership to F.I.Sky (€ 5.00) which will guarantee their insurance coverage on the day of competition.


- Compulsory equipment: windbreaker.
- Participants must wear the bib number not to be modified, folded or cut for whatever reason, with the number always visible.
- The use of poles is optional (no poles admitted from Forcella Pordoi to Piz Boè – referees along the racetrack can signal to the jury those runners not respecting this rule - 5 min. penalty will be applied). Foldable poles are admitted but in this part of the track they must be set carried folded in the backpack.
- The competition must be completed in a maximum of 4 hours and 30 minutes.
- Runners reaching the Forcella Sass Pordoi after more than 2 hours will be excluded from the competition. No other time limits will be imposed to finish the race.
- Runners exceeding the settled times will be disqualified.
- It is compulsory to communicate the withdrawal from the competition, whatever the reason, at the closest control area.
- If the weather conditions are considered dangerous for participants, the jury has the authority to change the course or to delay, suspend or cancel the competition at any time.
- Registration relieves the Organization of civil and criminal liability for any damage that may occur to persons or property before, during or after the competition.
- To guarantee the correctness of the competition the QUARTZ programme will be applied to all the participants:
- The committee has taken out an insurance against civil liability for risks related to the organization of the race. However participants are not covered by this insurance.
- The Organization cannot be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage that may occur to personal properties left unattended, before, during and after the race, in the race office, in the start/finish area, by the showers or in the pavilion.

Categories and reimbursement of expenses

from 1st to 5th ranked | € 1.000
from 6th to 10th ranked | € 500

from 1st to 5th ranked | € 1.000
from 6th to 10th ranked | € 500

Race gadget

The race gadget can be withdrawn only by the athletes registered for the race by the days of the race.

The contents of this page may vary due to adaptation to rules aimed at preventing the Covid-19 pandemic, released after the website updating.