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DoloMyths Run Sellaronda
Ultra Trail 2021

The Organizing Committee

The DoloMyths Run Sellaronda Ultra Trail is organized by the DoloMyths Run Committee, in cooperation with the Municipalities and the Tourist Boards of Canazei, Selva Valgardena, Corvara and Arabba.

The race

The start will be from Canazei (Val di Fassa) on Saturday July the 17th 2021 at 5:00 am


The event is affiliated with F.I.Sky (Italian Skyrunning Federation). To take part to the event athletes must posses a medical certificate for agonistic sports with high cardiovascular commitment issued by a Sports Medicine Center (category B) and valid on the day of the race.

Foreign athletes can take part in the competition by stipulating the daily membership to F.I.Sky (€ 5.00) which will guarantee their insurance coverage on the day of competition.

Requirements to take part to the race

To enter the race it is absolutely compulsory:
- To be at least 18 years old and in possession of a medical certificate for agonistic athletics valid by the date of the race.
- To be fully aware of the length and difficulty of the race and to have undergone adequate training in preparation.
- DoloMyths Run Sellaronda Ultra Trail mostly takes place on high mountain trails: it is essential that you are comfortable with running on mountain trails.

The start

The start of the race will take place in turn in Canazei (Val di Fassa) and Corvara (Val Badia) changing year by year. For the year 2021 the start of the race will be on Saturday July 17 at 5:00 am from Canazei. The check of the equipment is scheduled at 4:30 am.

The racetrack

The race will take place all around the Sella Massif, along dirt roads and paths, trying to avoid as much as possible asphalt roads and crossings on national roads. The racetrack is about 61,5 km long with an elevation gain of 3.378 mt. The race will cross the towns of Canazei at 1,450 mt, run through the Sella Pass at 2,200 mt and the “Città dei sassi” down to Selva Valgardena at 1,563 mt and climb again up to Gardena Pass at 2,276 mt along the demanding ascent of the Dantercepies ski slope. After the long descent down to Colfosco and Corvara (1,535 mt), athletes must climb up to the Boè at 2,192 mt, run down to Arabba (1,598 mt), climb up to the Padon Pass (2,373 mt) , highest peak of the whole race course, and, after the amazing Viel dal Pan path in front of the Marmolada Glacier, start the descent from Passo Pordoi (2,235 mt) all the way down to the finish at Canazei (1,450 mt).

Maximum time and checkpoints

The maximum time to cover the distance is fixed in 13 hours. Along the racetrack the time limits to cover the mentioned distance will be established as follows:
Set times:
- 3 hours from the start to Selva Valgardena; at 8:00 am closing of the gate
- 6 hours from the start to Colfosco; at 11:00 am closing of the gate
- 9 hours from the start to Arabba; at 2:00 pm closing of the gate
- 13 hours from the start back to Canazei; at 6:00 pm end of the race
Final maximum time: 13 hours. The athletes who will exceed the above mentioned time limits will be excluded from the prosecution of the competition and their bib numbers will be withdrawn. If, for any reason, an athlete disqualified from the race wants to complete the race, he/she is allowed to run under his/her own responsibility and has no right to refreshments along the track. By the time checkpoints, there will be shuttle buses at disposal to carry the athletes back to the arrival.


A standard of semi self-sufficiency is required to run the race. 10 refreshment points will be placed along the racetrack where athletes can find drinks and food to be eaten directly there. Camel-bags or water bottles can be refilled with water and supplements provided directly by organizers of the race. Any athlete must carry with him, from the start, all he needs to be self-sufficient on the distance from one refreshment point to the other one. Food and drinks provided by the refreshment points must be consumed in that delimited area, avoiding to carry and throw somewhere else any rubbish, such as plastic glasses that will not be provided by the Organization, as they can pollute the environment. Special bins will be placed in each refreshment point for the rubbish to be used compulsorily by the athletes. Any external assistance, provided by people not registered in the race, all along the track or even in short parts of it, is absolutely forbidden.

Compulsory equipment

- A water supply of at least an half liter
- A survival blanket
- A whistle
- A first-aid kit
- Some food (energetic bars or energy gels)
- A wind-breaker jacket to wear in case of bad weather conditions
- Long running pants
- Gloves and a hat
- A mobile phone (it is compulsory to communicate the phone number at the registration)
- A foldable glass or water bottle to be refilled at the refreshment points

Recommended equipment (optional)

- Poles
- A change of clothes
- Solar protection cream
- Vaseline or anti-chaffing cream

Bib number

The bib number will be delivered to each athlete after showing I.D. card and the medical certificate, valid by the date of the race. The bib number is personal and cannot be transferred to any other person. It must be worn in a visible position for the whole competition. Any change of the bib number is absolutely forbidden.

Race package

- The race gadget
- Timing service, including intermediate times
- Refreshments during and after the race
- Pasta-party
- Shuttle bus back to the start for the athletes withdrawn from the race
- Showering service after the race

Categories and prizes

- 1st ranked | € 700
- 2nd ranked | € 600
- 3rd ranked | € 500
- 4th ranked | € 300
- 5th ranked | € 200
- from 6th to 10th ranked | € 100
- 1st ranked | € 700
- 2nd ranked | € 600
- 3rd ranked | € 500
- 4th ranked | € 300
- 5th ranked | € 200
- from 6th to 10th ranked | € 100

Special prize "Sprint Felix"

The two athletes who will pass for first at the "Sprint Felix" in Selva Val Gardena at the 17th kilometer of the race course will be awarded € 50,00 to the first man and € 50,00 to the first woman.

The Jury

- the president of the DoloMyths Run Sellaronda Ultra Trail
- the race director
- referees appointed by the jury along the race course

Acceptance of the rules and race ethics

To take part in the DoloMyths Run Sellaronda Ultra Trail each athlete must accept the above enlisted rules and the runners’ code of ethics, without reserve. It is compulsory to follow the racetrack, without cutting the race course. Cuts could turn into a damage to the soil, provoking deep erosion of the ground. By the refreshment points bins will be placed for the rubbish in order to avoid any pollution of the surrounding environment. Each athlete must provide first aid to anybody who should need assistance or being in danger and in case call for a rescue team to intervene as soon as possible. General respect is highly recommended. Self-respect and respect for other runners, avoiding any kind of unfair behaviour. Respect for the volunteers on duty for free. Respect for local people who welcome the race and for other hikers along the racetracks. Respect for the Organizing Committee and for its sponsors.

Penalties - disqualification

The race judges present along the trail, the persons in charge placed by the check-points and refreshment points must control that all the rules are respected by the athletes. In case of lack of respect of the rules, penalties or even disqualification can be applied, in accordance with the judgement of the whole jury.


All complaints must be made in writing and presented at the race office with a deposit of 100 euro (which will not be returned if the complaint is not held to be valid), within two hours of the athlete’s arrival.

Changes in the route, the time barriers and cancellation of the race

The Jury has the right, at any time, to change the race course, cancel, suspend or delay the race and the position of both refreshment and first-aid points, at any time and without previous communication. In case of bad weather conditions the race can be delayed, suspended or cancelled. The Organizing Committee can suspend the race or change the time limits imposed in case of specific conditions that could be considered dangerous for runners. Should the competition be cancelled, the entry fee would not be refunded whatever is the reason. Any specific decision about it will be taken only by the jury.

The contents of this page may vary due to adaptation to rules aimed at preventing the Covid-19 pandemic, released after the website updating.